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City of Terrell Directory


Emergency  911
(Police, Fire, Ambulance)


Administration       972-551-6600
 Fax: 972-551-2743
 City Manager: Torry Edwards Ext. 223
  Assistant City Manager: Mike Sims Ext. 224
 Executive Secretary: Lisa Johnson Ext.222
 Information Secretary:Brandi McFarland    Ext.221

Public communications
Pavilion rental
Council chamber schedule



Building Maintenance      Fax: 972-551-6620
 Maintenance/Janitorial for city buildings



City Secretary/Finance    972-551-6619   Fax: 972- 551-1101
 City Secretary/Finance Director: John Rounsavall Ext. 226
 Administrative Secretary: Cynthia Cooper Ext. 230
 Accounts Payable: Mendy Long Ext. 234

Public Amusement Permit
Solicitors Permit
Alarm Permit
Utility Billing/Vital Statistics
   Billing Clerk: Rhonda Thompson Ext. 232

   Clerk: Gloria Wells Ext. 227


Citizens Convenience Station          972-551-6628

 Wed & Sat 9 a.m. – 4 p.m.

Convenience station
Solid waste disposal


Emergency Aid: 
 Community Services  800-831-992 
 Red Cross 
 1200 E. Brin St., Professional Services Bldg., 2nd Floor. Terrell, TX 75160.
 Mailing address: PO Box 1978, Terrell, TX 75160.

 FAX:l 972-563-2030
 Monday: 11 a.m. - 3 p.m.  

     Web page

Emergency Management:   972-551-6678 ext. 242 or 972-551-6651

  Emergency Management Coordinator Jim Harper

  Deputy Emergency Management Coordinator Steve Howie



Engineering      972-551-6607   Fax: 972-551-6620
 City Engineer: Steve Rogers Ext. 240

 Assistant City Engineer: Mike Mikeska Ext. 241

 Engineering Inspector: Mike Shook Ext. 291
 Technician: Kris Walker Ext. 242
 Administrative Secretary: Christy Norris Ext. 238

Address assignment
Floodplain administration
Planning & development


Fire Department       972-551-6650, 6651, 6652  Fax: 972-551-6632
 Fire Chief: Jim Harper
 Fire Marshal: T.S.Cooper 972-551-6657



Garage/Fleet Maintenance    972-551-6678   Fax 972-551-6642
 Foreman: Mike White   Ext. 230

 Technitian: Stan Terry Ext. 229

     Fleet maintenance & repair
      Equipment maintenance & repair
      Small equipment maintenance & repair

Housing        972-551-6670   Fax: 972-551-6633
 Director: Debbie Zajac   Ext. 259
  Clerk: Keisha Robinson Ext. 258
  Clerk: Wanda Thompson   Ext. 280

Section 8 Housing


Human Resources       972-551-6608    Fax: 972-551-1985
 Director: Carol Holland   Ext. 253
 Assistant: Sarah Lavallee  Ext. 252

 Assistant: Mario Hernandez   Ext. 295





Library       972-551-6663, 6664   Fax 972-551-6662
 Director: Rebecca Sullivan  
 Library Technician: Katherine Brittain

 Youth Services Librarian: Rebecca Murphey
 Technicial Services Technician: Edith Roberts
 Library Technician: Mary Witherspoon  

 Technician: Oralia Gonzalez
 Technician: Cecelia Valenzuela 


Lending Services (books, DVDs, audiobooks)
Information and Research Services
Public computing/wi-fi internet access
Children's & young adult's programming
Adult literacy instruction
English as a Second Language program
Genealogy & Local History
Meeting Room
Summer Reading Program
Volunteer Program


Municipal Court       972-551-6680, 6681   Fax 972-551-1101
 Presiding Judge: Mike Smith
 Associate Judge: Dana Skelton
 Clerk: Janet Garcia

Court schedule

Juvenile schedule 
Fine information


Municipal Development     972-551-6606, 6677
 Director: Terry Capehart  Ext.247
 Chief Building Official: David Alkins Ext. 300

 Code Enforcement Supervisor: Ricky Mendez Ext. 250

 Code Enforcement Officer: Rebecca Gonzalez  Ext.479

 Code Enforcement Officer: Ronnie Click Ext.249

 Building Inspector: Bobby Phillips Ext.289
 Code Enforcement Officer: Scott Boyd Ext. 248
 Administrative Assistant: Omaira Renteria  Ext.244

Building Inspections
Building Permits
Building and Standards Commission
Contractor Regulations
Code Enforcement
Demolition Permits
Planning & Zoning Commission
Zoning Board of Adjustment

Parks        972-524-PARK (7275)   Fax: 972-551-3355

 Parks Foreman:  Warren Daniels  Ext. 239
 Crew Leader: Percy Butler  Ext. 247

Arlie White Neighborhood Park
Breezy Hill Neighborhood Park
Stallings Addition Neighborhood Park
Kings Creek Neighborhood park
Ben Gill Park (baseball, tennis, swimming pool, walking trail, pavilion)
Swimming Pool (972) 551-6668 or 6678

Police Department        972-551-6622, 6623, 6624   Fax 972-551-6625
 Chief of Police: Jody Lay  Ext.261

 Administrative Secretary: Cindy Hunter Ext.260
   Captain - Operations Division: P.Dewberry  Ext.281
   Captain - Administrative Division: A.D.Sansom  Ext.270
   Captain- Support Services Division: K.G. McKeown Ext. 231
 Criminal Investigations Unit: 972-551-6622
   Detective - Randall Birkett  Ext.274
   Detective - Brenda Bulin Ext. 284

   Detective - David Bridges Ext. 296

   Crime Analyst : Kenneth Moore  Ext.276

 Narcotics Unit
   Investigator: Ty Burnes Ext.293 or 972-551-6638
   Investigator: J. Mack Ext.290 or 972-551-6616


 Communications Unit:
 Telecommunications Lead: Tina Hoobler Ext. 101

 Animal Adoption Center Attendant: Carol Smith or call 972-551-6641

 Help Stop Crime - send anonymous tips to Crime Stoppers


Public Works       972-551-6678    Fax: 972-551-6656
 Director of Public Services Glenn Caldwell

 Streets Foreman: Gary Prox  Ext.223       Fax: 972-551-6643
 Administrative Assistant: Demeter Turner Ext. 222

Street maintenance & repair
Curbs, gutters & culverts
Street sweeper
Solid waste
Parks & recreation


Special Projects  972-551-6678  Fax 972-551-0069
 Foreman: Jamie Clough  Ext.225
 Crew Leader: Billy Beggs  Ext.226

Right of Way (ROW) mowing and maintenance
Litter and nuisance complaints
Code enforcement support and assistance
Miscellaneous water and sewer maintenance and repairs

Utility/Water/Wastewater     972-551-6635  Fax 972-551-6636
 Director: Mike Mikeska    972-551-6600
 Chief Operator:Dick Boyd 972-551-6635

Utility Billing/Vital Statistics    972-551-6619     Fax: 972-551-1101
 Billing Clerk: Rhonda Thompson
 Clerk:  Gloria Wells
 Clerk: Luenette Shipley
 Clerk: Lucy York

Water / Sewer Maintenance & Repair       972-551-6678 or 972-551-5001
 Director: Mike Mikeska   972-551-6600 ext. 297
 Foreman: Charles Turner   972-551-6678 ext. 228
 Crew Leader:David Wilson  972-551-6678 ext. 227

  Water Mains
  Meter Leaks
  New Water Tap Installation
  Service Connections & Disconnection
  Fire Hydrants

  Sewer Mains
  New Sewer Tap Installation
  Sewer Stoppage/Blockage
  Sewer Overflows


Waste Water Pretreatment     972-551-6631   fax 972-551-6645
 Director: Mike Mikeska    972-551-6600
 Chief Operator: Carl Naumann  972-551-6630

Ordinance enforcement
Inspection & permitting
Monitoring & sampling
Toxic waste

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