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Fire Department


80 ' Ladder Truck and pumper truck

Fire Emergency: 911
Non-Emergency: 469-474-2700
Fire Chief: Jim Harper
E-mail: firedept@cityofterrell.org


The City of Terrell Fire Department's 23 full-time paid and 30 volunteer personnel are committed to saving lives and property not only by quick response in the event of a fire,or emergency medical call, but also through fire prevention and safety education. The department provides a high quality of fire protection, fire suppression, rescue, and training for firefighters and volunteers.


Fire Department personnel and equipment cover the 18.477 square mile area of the City of Terrell with access to more than 550 fire hydrants. Terrell Volunteer firefighters responds to fires outside the city limits as well as assist the full-time firefighters with emergences inside the City as needed. .




Fire Prevention 


Check your fire extinguishers annually.

Unannounced annual fire inspections are conducted at all of Terrell's industrial plants, commercial establishments, schools, hospitals, and nursing homes. Inspections stress safety. The fire inspector looks for compliance with City codes, availability of fire extinguishers, fire drill plans, and sprinkler system function where applicable. 



Safety Education


Fire Department on Nash StreetTour a fire station 
Group tours of the Fire Department can be arranged by calling 972-551-6654.


Schedule a fire safety presentation
The Fire Department has programs for schools, civic organizations, industrial plants, and homeowners groups. Call 972-551-6654 to arrange a program for your group.

Fire safety workbooks are available.
Read more about it
The Department distributes fire prevention activity books (many bi-lingual) for children. 

Safety Tips for Kids


Learn how to report a fire or other emergency!


If there is a fire or someone is hurt, you need help! To reach the Fire Department or an ambulance you can call the 911 emergency number. Here's how:


  • First, make sure you know the address where you are calling from.
  • Dial the numbers 9-1-1.
  • When the dispatcher answers, say, "I want to report a fire (or an accident or other emergency)".
  • Give the address.
  • Listen carefully for any questions.
  • Don't hang up until the dispatcher says it's OK.


Safety at home


  • Make sure your family has a plan for getting out of the house in case of fire! Have fire drills to practice getting out if fire blocks the doors.
  • Don't play in the kitchen when food is being cooked! If you are a meal-time helper, make sure you know how to use utensils safely.
  • Leave cords and electrical outlets alone.
  • Eat only food! Many things in boxes and bottles, like cleaning chemicals, are poisons!
  • Don't tell anyone if you are home alone. 
  • Let only people you know come into your house. Don't open the door to strangers.
  • Memorize your own telephone number and address so you will know it in case of an emergency.


Bike Safety

Always wear a helmet when riding your bike.

  • Make sure your bike has safety reflectors on the front and back.
  • Don't take off the chain guard -it keeps your clothes from tangling in the chain.
  • Always keep both hands on the handlebars when you are riding.
  • Wear a helmet to protect your head if you fall.
  • Only one person to a bike!


Contact the Fire Department
for more safety information.


225 Baker St.
Terrell, TX 75160
Metro: 972-524-4008
Fax: 972) 551-6632
E-mail: firedept@cityofterrell.org

Fire Marshal: T.S.Cooper 972-551-6657


Fire Station #1:
201 East Nash
Terrell, TX 75160
Fire Station #2:
225 Baker St.
Terrell, TX 75160


To obtain a Fire Report for a specific property (for insurance purposes, etc.), visit any fire station.





Fire scenePaid Manpower:

  • Fire Chief
  • 3 Captains
  • 6 Driver/Engineers
  • 12 Firefighters
  • 1 Inspector/Investigator/Fire Marshal

Volunteer Manpower:

  • Volunteer Chief
  • Volunteer Assistant Chief
  • 3 Volunteer Captains
  • 3 Volunteer Lieutenants
  • 16 Volunteer Firefighters

Contact the City of Terrell Human Resources Department for information on Fire Department hiring policies.




  • 80 foot Quint/Ladder Truck
  • 2 First Run Engine/Pumpers
  • Booster/Grass Truck
  • Volunteer Engine/Pumper and Engine/Tanker
  • 3 Volunteer Booster/Grass Trucks
  • 1 Reserve Engine/S


Members of the volunteer Fire Department
Members of the volunteer Fire Department


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