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City of Terrell Directory

Emergency  911
(Police, Fire, Ambulance)

Administration       972-551-6600
 City Manager: Torry Edwards Ext. 223
  Assistant City Manager: Mike Sims Ext. 224

City Secretary/Finance    972-551-6619
 City Secretary/Finance Director: John Rounsavall Ext. 226

Citizens Convenience Station    972-551-6628
 Wed & Sat 9 a.m. – 4 p.m.

Convenience station
Solid waste disposal

Emergency Management:   972-551-6614 ext. 242 or 972-551-6651

  Emergency Management Coordinator Jim Harper
  Deputy Emergency Management Coordinator Steve Howie

Engineering      972-551-6607
 City Engineer: Steve Rogers Ext. 240

 Assistant City Engineer: Mike Mikeska Ext. 241
 Engineering Inspector: Mike Shook Ext. 291
 Technician: Kris Walker Ext. 242

Fire Department       972-551-6650, 6651, 6652
 Fire Chief: Jim Harper
 Fire Marshal: T.S.Cooper 972-551-6657

Housing        972-551-6670   
 Director: Debbie Zajac   Ext. 259

Human Resources       972-551-6608    
 Director: Carol Holland   Ext. 253

Library       972-551-6663, 6664
 Director: Rebecca Sullivan  
 Library Technician: Katherine Brittain

Municipal Court       972-551-6680, 6681
 Presiding Judge: Mike Smith
 Associate Judge: Dana Skelton
 Administrative Assistant: Kathy Berry

Municipal Development     972-551-6606, 6677
 Director: Charles Fenner Ext.247
 Chief Building Official: Ext. 300

 Code Enforcement Supervisor: Ricky Mendez Ext. 250

 Code Enforcement Officer: Ronnie Click Ext.249

 Building Inspector: Bobby Phillips Ext.289
 Code Enforcement Officer: Scott Boyd Ext. 248
 Code Enforcement Officer: Will Duff Ext. 479
  Administrative Technician II: Gina Dominguez Ext. 283
 Administrative Technician II: Elvia Mier  Ext. 244

Parks        972-524-7275  

Police Department        972-551-6622, 6623, 6624   Fax 972-551-6625
 Chief of Police: Jody Lay  Ext.260

 Administrative Secretary: Cindy Hunter Ext.260
   Captain - Operations Division: A.D.Sansom  Ext.270
   Captain - Administrative Division: T. Kelly  Ext 272
   Captain- Support Services Division: K.G. McKeown Ext. 231
Criminal Investigations Unit:

   Captain K.G. McKeown Ext. 231
   Sergeant J. Whitworth   Ext. 281
   Corporal R.W. Lavin   Ext. 292
   Detective R. Beckett  Ext. 274
   Detective Z. Boyd   Ext. 263
   Detective D.Bridges   Ext. 296
   Detective B. Bulin  Ext. 284
   Detective B. Stephens   Ext. 273


 Narcotics Unit
   Investigator: Ty Burnes Ext.293 or 972-551-6638
   Investigator: J. Melton Ext.290 or 972-551-6616


 Communications Unit:
 Telecommunications Lead: Tina Hoobler Ext. 101

Animal Adoption Center

2601 Hwy. 80 East
Terrell 75160

  Director: Jody Lay
  Animal Control Supervisor: Jason Renfroe
  Animal Control Officer: Sherry Harmon
  Animal Shelter Attendant: Anita Underwood


Public Works       972-551-6614
 Director of Public Services Glenn Caldwell

Utility/Water/Wastewater     972-551-6635

Utility Billing/Vital Statistics    972-551-6619
 Billing Clerk: Rhonda Thompson
 Clerk: Luenette Shipley
 Clerk: Lucy York

Water / Sewer Maintenance & Repair       972-551-6678 or 972-551-5001
 Director: Mike Mikeska   972-551-6600 ext. 297

Waste Water Pretreatment     972-551-6631
 Director: Mike Mikeska    972-551-6600

Water Distribution and Wastewater Collection:
Charles Turner 972-551-6678

After Hours Repair Services: 972-551-6622



City of Terrell
201 East Nash St.
P.O. Box 310
Terrell, Texas 75160
Metro: 972-524-3332


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