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Municipal Development


Municipal Development

Building Fees & Charges


new construction in Terrell


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Building Permit Fees and Charges


Permit required: Any owner or authorized agent who intends to construct, enlarge, alter, repair, move, demolish, or change the occupancy of a building or structure, or to erect, install, enlarge, alter, repair, remove, convert or replace any electrical, gas, mechanical, or plumbing system, the installation of which is regulated by City or State Codes, or to cause any such work to be done, shall first submit an application to the Municipal Development Department and obtain the required permit.


Fee schedule ordinance number 2534: http://www.cityofterrell.org/ord-pdf/2534.pdf




Schedule Of Permit Fees

Basic Building Permit Fees:

Type Permit Fee
1. New Residential Construction


$600/dwelling unit
   Townhouse $450/dwelling unit
   Multi-family $300/dwelling unit
2. Residential Repairs, Alterations or Remodels
to existing structures
(including electrical,
mechanical, plumbing, fence, irrigation, roofing,
foundation, carport, accessory building, or separate subcontracts for new construction)
$6.00/$1,000 valuation
$35.00 minimum
3. New Commercial Construction and Additions:  
     a. Industrial $0.32/square foot
     b. Institutional $0.43/square foot
     c. Retail $0.44/square foot
     d. Commercial $0.48/square foot
     e. Restaurant $1.05/square foot
     f. Medical $1.55/square foot
4. Commercial Shell Building or Tenant Finish Out 50% of new construction fee
5. Commercial Repairs, Alterations or Remodels
to existing structures
(including electrical,
mechanical, plumbing, fence, irrigation, roofing,
sign (permanent or electrical), foundation, etc. or
separate subcontracts for new construction)

$8.00/$1,000 valuation
$45.00 minimum

6. Commercial Plan Review Fee: 25% of above permit fee
(only applies to projects
over $50,000 or requires TDLR registration)


Other Permits and Fees

Type Permit Fee
1. Grading Permit
(deducted from permit fee if construction commences within 6 months - must submit grading plan or engineering)
2. Moving Fee (using public street/requires Police permit)
(moving of any structure or building over 240 square feet)
3. Demolition Permit Residential $35.00
Commercial $100.00 (must have asbestos survey)

4. Advertising Sign Permit (temporary, banners, etc.)

5. Certificate of Occupancy $100.00
6. Food Establishment Permit – due by January 15th
(If not paid by January 15th add $50.00 late fee)

7. Temporary Food Permit

$45.00 (valid for 14 days every 4 months)
8. Re-inspection Fee (at discretion of building inspector) $45.00 1st re-inspection
$90.00 2nd re-inspection
$180.00 3rd re-inspection
9. After Hours Inspections $45.00/hour
10. Unpermitted Work (work performed without permits or by unregistered or unlicensed trades) triple permit fees
11. License Registration Fee (all trades)
NOTE: All trades and contractors are required to register with the City of Terrell prior to the issuance of permits, however, only those trades or contractors not exempt by the State shall be required to pay the registration fee.
$35.00 per year from registration date


Fire Prevention Fees


Type Permit Fee
12. Fire Sprinkler System Permit (Plan Review & Inspection)

$0.008/square foot

$150.00 minimum

13. Fire Alarm Permit (Plan Review & Inspection) $0.008/square foot
$150.00 minimum
14. Special Fire Department Permits or Inspections (fire pump test, smoke control systems, chemical fire extinguishing systems, flammable liquid or gas storage, refueling facilities, burn permits, fireworks or pyrotechnics displays, etc.)




Work typically exempt from permits:


1. The repair or replacement of an existing fence in a residential district in which approved materials are used and all other requirements are met.

2. Roof repairs in which less than 10% of the roof area is involved.

3. Cosmetic improvements such as painting, cabinets, counter-tops, tile, non-structural repairs, replacement of wall materials involving less than 10% of any wall, or floor covering installation such as carpet, etc.

4. Appliance installation which does not require the device to have additional electrical, gas, or plumbing alterations.

5. Prefabricated above ground swimming pools which are less than 24 inches deep and do not exceed 5,000 gallons.

6. Retaining walls less than 4 feet tall.

7. Playground equipment in residential districts.

8. Exemptions from permit requirements shall not be deemed to grant authority to perform any work that is in any manner in violation of City or State Codes.

Zoning Application Fees:

1) Zoning Change Request . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$200.00

2) Specific Use Permit . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$200.00

3) Appeal to the Zoning Board of Adjustment . .$100.00


Plat Application Fees:

1) Preliminary Plat - Residential $100.00

2) Preliminary Plat – Commercial $100.00 < 5 acres
             $350.00 5 acres to < 25 acres
             $750.00 25 acres to < 100 acres
             $750.00 + $5.00/acre > 100 acres

3) Final Plat – Residential $200.00
(plus County Filing Fees)

4) Final Plat – Commercial $200.00
(plus County filing fees)

5) Other Plats - Replats, Minor, Amended, etc. $100.00 + County filing fees


Application for Plat Approval


Impact Fees:

Impact fees are assessed on new development for its “impact” on the water, wastewater and roadway systems of the city. Impact fees by State Law cannot exceed fifty percent of the total costs of the projected improvements. The Terrell City Council policy has been to reduce the amount developers are required to pay to well below the 50% cap in order to attract quality businesses and promote economic growth and job creation. The new Impact Fee Ordinance No. 2400, adopted on April 7, 2009, reduces the percentage that the developer is assessed to even a lower percentage than has been assessed over the past five years. The new level is approximately 32% of the 50% cap or 16% of the total cost of capital improvements. Water and sewer (waste water) impact fees are based on meter size and roadway impact fees are based on the type of use and the number of vehicle miles the use would generate per day which is then calculated per thousand square feet. Fees are assessed and collected at the time the building permits are issued. Existing services (i.e. the presence of a water or sewer tap) may be credited towards the amount of impact fees that would otherwise be assessed (check with the City Engineer for specific credits).

Impact Fee Calculator Example Form (Not For Official Use)


This link will open an Excel file. You will have to print the file in order to save your calculations.


Water, Wastewater & Roadway CIP and Impact Fee Update


City of Terrell Zoning Application

City of Terrell Zoning Application (Word format)

Fee schedule ordinance number 2534: http://www.cityofterrell.org/ord-pdf/2534.pdf


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