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Public Works


Entrance to Ben Gill Park

Glenn Caldwell - Director of Public Services


400 Industrial Blvd.
Terrell, Texas 75160
Fax:  972-551-6656
E-mail: publicworks@cityofterrell.org

 Director of Public Services Glenn Caldwell

 Streets Foreman:
   GaryProx  Ext.223   Fax: 972-551-6643
 Administrative Assistant:
   Demeter Turner Ext. 222



Office Hours:
Monday - Friday: 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.



Free Residential Cleanup


Public Works maintains city streets, administers the City's solid waste (garbage) contract, and manages parks and recreation. Department responsibilities include:



Storm Drainage


Storm drains and ditches catch rainwater run-off from City-maintained streets. Public Works keeps the water flowing by periodically cleaning the banks of drainage ditches and removing obstacles in the ditches. Crews monitor the system of ditches, inlets or catch basins, open channels, underground pipelines, and detention ponds that prevent storm waters from flooding Terrell's streets.


Please do not dispose of leaves, grass clippings, or any other debris in the storm drains or drainage ditches! 


To report flooding caused by blocked storm drains or ditches:


  • during regular office hours: 972-551-6614
  • evenings or weekends: 972-551-6622 (Terrell Police Services dispatcher)


Street Maintenance


Public works handles street maintenanceRoutine street maintenance, including pothole repairs, crack sealing, and repairs to sunken roadway areas, is done on a regular basis. When possible, quick temporary repairs are used to make the roadway safe for residents. These are replaced by permanent repairs as soon as weather and work schedules permit. 


Report damaged street areas that could be dangerous for pedestrians or motorists by calling Public Works at 972-551-6614 during regular office hours. You will be asked for detailed information about the area and the exact location of the needed repairs.


Public works handles street maintenanceThe department is responsible for upkeep of existing traffic signs and pavement markings.


Report damage to signs: 972-551-6614

Request new signs or traffic signals: 972-551-6607
(Engineering Department)

Be prepared to document the need for new traffic controls at the requested location.


Public Works also supervises street sweeping and weed control operations.


Note: The City of Terrell does not maintain U.S. 80, SH 205, SH 34 (Virginia), FM 986 (Rockwall Ave, State St., Poetry Rd,), FM 429, FM 148 or FM 2578. These roadways are maintained by the state. To report potholes, questions or concerns please contact TxDOT by visiting www.txdot.gov or call 1-888-885-8248.


Commemorative Tree Planting Program


Making A Lasting Contribution…The Terrell Parks Department, in its desire to enhance public property and encourage an aesthetically pleasing environment, has established a tree donation program.


This program enables citizens to have a tree planted and maintained by the City of Terrell within public right-of-ways, parks or other City controlled areas to celebrate a special occasion such as a wedding, anniversary or birthday. Trees can also be planted as a memorial for a friend or family member. A commemorative plaque can be installed with the original planting.


Print the online application form or contact the City of Terrell Public Works Department at 972-551-6614. Donations made to the City of Terrell are tax deductible.




1. The city and the donor must mutually agree on the proposed location. Factors such as vehicular and pedestrian traffic, underground and aboveground utilities, property lines, availability of water, and other factors shall be considered.


2. Any tree planted shall be listed on the current Master Tree List. This list shall be developed based on native species, long-term maintenance, degree of hardiness, growth rate, as well as other considerations.


3. All trees will be purchased, installed and maintained by the city through the Parks Department. This includes the original planting, replacement if necessary, pruning, pest and fungus control, removal, storm damage repairs, staking, etc.


4. The seasonal planting of new or replacement trees shall occur from November through February, weather permitting.


5. A commemorative plaque, if desired, can be installed with the original planting. The plaque shall be made of granite, approximately 10"x12", with a maximum of three (3) lines of text or numbers and a maximum of twelve (12) letters or numbers per line. The plaque will be installed at ground level.


6. Regarding deciduous versus evergreens, because of dense bushy growth in many cases, and the resultant shading problems in the winter months, the use of evergreen trees is limited to carefully chosen sites and only where the above-mentioned problems can be minimized.

Initial Size
Cost to Donor
Small Trees - up to 20 feet tall
Crape Myrtle 20 gal (8-10')
Yaupon Holly 20 gal (6-8')
Flowering Crabapple 20 gal (1 1/2-1 3/4")
Oklahoma Redbud 20 gal (1 3/4")
Medium Trees - 20-50 feet tall
Chinese Pistache 45 gal (3-4")
Bradford Pear 45 gal (3-4")
Texas Red Oak 45 gal (3-4")
Pin (Water) Oak 45 gal (3-4")
Large Trees - 50 feet and up
Bald Cypress 45 gal (3-4")
Bur Oak 45 gal (3-4")
Chinquapin Oak 45 gal (3-4")
Shumard Oak 45 gal (3-4")
Southern Live Oak 45 gal (3-4")

Commemorative Tree Planting Program Application (Word .doc format)

Adopt-A-Neighborhood Program


Adopt-A-Neighborhood's Mission


Adopt-A-Neighborhood signTerrell citizens are invited to do their part to keep Terrell beautiful and perform an important environmental service. This program provides groups, families, or individuals an opportunity to participate in a valuable community service project.




By joining the Adopt-A-Neighborhood program, you and your neighbors are likely to see transformations such as:

  • Restoring a sense of community pride
  • Getting acquainted with your neighbors
  • Enjoying cleaner neighborhoods
  • Gaining a sense of accomplishment for the environment and community
  • Teaching children the importance of maintaining your community

Who can adopt a neighborhood?


Anyone! Adopt-A-Neighborhood aims to unite and support all people interested in improving Terrell neighborhoods.


  • Individuals
  • Neighborhood Associations
  • Schools
  • Church Groups
  • Senior Citizens
  • Youth Groups
  • Scouts
  • Businesses
  • Families
  • Civic Groups


What can be adopted?


Adopt-A-Neighborhood consists of removing litter from city maintained right-of-ways. A neighborhood can be a street and/or its surrounding streets or an entire neighborhood.


What are volunteers responsible for?


  • Provide a minimum of four (4) clean ups per year.
  • Adequate adult supervision for youth under the age of 18 years.
  • It is recommended that long sleeves, long pants, sturdy shoes and gloves be used.
  • It is recommended that a First Aid Kit be on hand and readily available the day of the clean up.


How do you adopt a neighborhood?


  1. Print out the application & release form and mail to the City of Terrell, Public Works Dept., 201 E. Nash St. / P.O. Box 310, Terrell, TX 75160 or fax to 972-551-6620. You may also call 972-551-6614 to request an application & release form be sent to you via mail.
  2. Fill out and return the application and release form at least one (1) week prior to any scheduled clean up.
  3. The City will process your forms and contact you at the phone number(s) you provided.


City Support

The City of Terrell will provide:


  • Warning signs and safety vests, which must be worn at all times.
  • Trash bags and removal of bags on the next available work day after a clean up.
  • Acknowledgment & recognition
  • The City of Terrell will erect an adoption sign naming the adopters on the adopted site. This will reinforce a sense of responsibility and pride for the volunteers.


Help Keep Terrell Beautiful!

Adopt-A-Neighborhood Application & Group Release forms   (Word .doc format)


Street light Outage Reporting


Is there a streetlight in your neighborhood in need of repair? With more than 180,000 streetlights to maintain, Oncor Electric Delivery appreciates your help finding lights that are malfunctioning or in need of repair. Report street light outages online or call Oncor Electric Delivery at 1-888-313-4747.


Click here for a Street Light Request Form

Illegal Dumping


Report illegal dumping to:

Kaufman County Law Enforcement Center (972-932-4337) or


24 hours a day


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