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City of Terrell
201 East Nash

P.O.Box 310

Terrell, Texas 75160
Fax: 972-551-6682


If you are interested in registering your business as a possible vendor to the City of Terrell you must have a Vendor Processing form on file with the City Secretary's office.


Companies that supply goods and services to the City need to register as certified City of Terrell vendors. Certified vendors must file the state's Conflict of Interest Questionnaire (CIQ) yearly. The IRS W-9 form must also be filed each year.


Bids Notice - the city's current requests for bids.


You can sign up to receive periodic emails whenever a new bid is posted by the city.


The Vendor Application Form, the (CIQ) and the W-9 Form are available in pdf form*. Return completed forms to John Rounsavall; City Secretary/Finance Director; 201 East Nash St., Terrell, TX 75160.


*Adobe Acrobat Reader is needed to view and print pdf forms.
Download it free

Note: You must sign up here to automatically receive periodic emails 
whenever a
new bid is posted by the city.


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City of Terrell
201 East Nash St.
P.O. Box 310

Terrell, Texas 75160
Metro: 972-524-3332
After Hours Repair Services: 972-551-6622
Fax: 972-551-6682



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