Council Begins Process for Strategic Annexation

On Tuesday, September 6, the Terrell City Council approved a resolution to start the process of five separate strategic annexations. These annexations are intended to protect and enhance entryways to the City of Terrell. This concept was included in the Terrell 2015 effort and Council’s approval of this resolution is consistent with the Terrell 2015 program goals. Terrell 2015 was a citizen-led effort of over 100 individuals from throughout Terrell. Citizens analyzed Economic Development issues, City issues, and School District issues; all with the intent of setting and achieving important community goals. Terrell 2015’s recommendations included protecting and enhancing entryways to our community.

The five annexations cover the US Highway 80 corridor north of the Metrocrest Business Park, the State Highway 205 and Griffith Avenue intersection, a portion of FM 429 adjacent to the Terrell Animal Adoption Center, agricultural land west of FM 1392, and city-owned land bordering on State Highway 34 north of the new Terrell Police Headquarters. Each of these annexation areas is prominent, high-profile entrances that set the tone and impression of our community for visitors, businesses, and residents. A total of roughly 1900 acres is proposed for annexation. The annexation process includes mailings to impacted land owners, newspaper advertisements, public hearings, and formal readings on new City Ordinances.

Mayor D.J. Ory stated, “Our citizens, schools, and businesses deserve first class entryways to our first class community. With Terrell growing and booming, the economic opportunity for high quality new development and redevelopment along the major roadways leading to Terrell has never been greater. It is our responsibility to enhance and protect these entryways; doing so will benefit both those currently within the City Limits and those in the newly annexed areas. Being in the City Limits means we can share common development goals and consistent quality standards.”

For more information on annexation contact the City Attorney, Mary Gayle Ramsey at 972 524 1920.