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Kaufman County Crime Stoppers Hotline

Terrell residents now ways to help thwart illegal activity in the community.

Kaufman County Crime Stoppers provides a simple way for citizens to supply important information to help law enforcement agencies fight crime. The Crime Stoppers Hotline and Web Tips (online tip reporting) allow residents to remain anonymous while reporting suspicious activity or giving facts pertinent to specific cases.

Callers are eligible to receive cash rewards if the information they give leads to an arrest or a grand jury indictment of a felony offender.

The Kaufman County Crime Stoppers Hotline number is 877-TIPSKCC (877-847-7522). Submit a tip online at this site

When submitting a tip, residents are urged to provide as much detail as possible, including the date, time, location, descriptions or names of persons, and details of the incident. A license plate number and description are also helpful if a vehicle is involved.

Texas Giant Salvinia Effort Reaches Boaters, Raises Awareness

AUSTIN – Survey results show last year’s giant Salvinia public awareness campaign by the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department reached more than half of boaters living within 60 miles of four East Texas lakes targeted in the effort and that 96 percent of those boaters said they were “more likely to clean their boat, trailer or gear as a result of seeing information or advertising.”

Giant Salvinia is usually spread unknowingly by people moving their boats from lake to lake. The plant “hitches a ride” on boats, motors and trailers. The invasive plant was first discovered in Texas in a small pond near Houston in 1998. It has been reported in 17 Texas lakes, including some of the state’s most popular recreational water bodies: Toledo Bend, Sam Rayburn, Caddo Lake, Sheldon Lake, Lake Texana and Lake Conroe.

Last spring’s “Hello Giant Salvinia, Goodbye Texas Lakes” campaign media buy generated more than 28.5 million audience impressions amongst boaters, anglers, and the general public. Efforts included floating messages on buoys near key boat ramps, fish measuring rulers with campaign messages, online web banner ads, social media, gasoline “pump toppers” and billboard ads near key lakes, and even an amusing TV ad featuring “salvinia monster” trying hitch a ride with a hapless boater.

Given the success of the Salvinia awareness effort, the department is now considering a similar initiative for zebra mussels, another serious invasive threat that is not yet widespread in Texas. The non-native mussels multiply rapidly and attach themselves to boats, piers, cables and other objects. Zebra mussels can block water treatment plant intakes and pipes, as well as cause declines in fish populations, native mussels, and birds.

“We are actively seeking partners to help make a zebra mussel awareness campaign a reality,” said Carter Smith, TPWD executive director. “Although currently only established in Lake Texoma in Texas, this exotic invader is on the doorstep of the Metroplex region and could eventually spread throughout the Trinity River system toward Houston.”

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Talk to the City of Terrell

The City of Terrell now offers a new way for citizens to report problems or request services from the City. Talk to the City of Terrell is available for everyone – from homeowners to contractors – to contact the City using one universal form. This will replace the separate forms used to report potholes or mosquitoes or to request a line locates (Right of Way Permit).

To make a service request for water, sewer, streets, drainage or mosquitoes, go to Talk to the City of Terrell. Fill out the form and send it by clicking the “Submit Request” button at the bottom of the form. The form goes to the City’s work order program for routing to the appropriate department. It’s also possible to track the status of a request online.

Customer service is a priority for the City of Terrell. This new service is designed to make it easier for citizens to report problems and find solutions.

Register Your Pet

Register Your Pet – It’s the Law and It Helps Us Care for the Animals!

Chapter 826 of the Texas Health and Safety Code grants municipalities the authority to pass ordinances requiring the annual registration of household pets, including the imposition of a fee for registration. The purpose of registration is to assist local government in ensuring all household dogs and cats are vaccinated against rabies. By law, funds raised from these fees MUST be used to enforce animal control laws and care for animals in our shelter.

On Tuesday, December 2, 2014, the Terrell City Council approved the second reading Ordinance #2620 requires all citizens who own pets, dogs and cats, to register them within 10 days of taking ownership. According to the ordinance, which formally takes effect on January 1, 2015, if you are a senior citizen, 65 years of age or older, the registration fee for registering your pet will be $5.00 per pet, regardless of fertility status. The registration fee for a pet that is sterile or has been spayed or neutered is $10.00. The fee for pets that are fertile or “intact” is $15.00.

Additionally, the ordinance requires that all registered pets have their registration tag, as well as their rabies vaccination tag, affixed to their collar, which must be worn at all times. Pets captured without a collar are only held for three (3) days and then immediately put up for adoption. It would be very tragic for you to lose your pet, simply because it did not have on its collar bearing the registration and rabies vaccination tags.

The Animal Control Department would like to remind our citizens that registering your pet with the city is the responsible thing to do, as well as a legal requirement. By doing so, not only are you being a responsible pet owner, but you are significantly improving your chances of getting your pet returned to you, should it inadvertently go stray in your neighborhood.

Help us by helping yourself. Plan to register your pet online starting on January 1, 2015

CareFlite Medical Service Program

The Terrell City Council has adopted an ordinance requiring all residential and multi-family utility customers to pay $1 (one dollar) for participation in the Medical Service Program. This allows the customer to use CareFlite ambulance services in the event of a medical emergency. Any utility customer or multifamily residential utility customer or landlord who desires to not participate in the EMS Membership Program can sign and file a declaration of nonparticipation, on forms prescribed and provided by the City. More information

Terrell App Now Available

Connect with the City of Terrell through the new free Terrell America Mobile App. Request a service, report a problem, access the Shop Terrell Business Directory and find other important information about the City all on your favorite mobile devices.

Search “Terrell Texas” on your favorite mobile device to download the app, or click on the buttons below to get to them directly. It is available in both Android and Apple versions.


Joint Partnership between Kaufman County and City of Terrell Earns Harvard Recognition

Harvard’s “Innovations in American Government Awards” competition is the nation’s premier program devoted to recognizing and promoting excellence and creativity in the public sector. Harvard’s program highlights outstanding ideas of government innovation and advances efforts to address the nation’s most pressing public concerns. Since its launch in 1985, the program has received over 27,000 applications and has recognized almost 500 government initiatives.

Of the initiatives recognized by Harvard is the City of Terrell’s program submission, showing a joint economic development program between Kaufman County and the City of Terrell, for which Harvard granted semi-finalist status as listed on the Harvard website.

The submission was centered around the City’s Power Center Infrastructure and Economic Development Program. The Power Center Program captures development driven new tax revenue in a one-of-a-kind manner. The City of Terrell has created unique public/private partnerships that deliver infrastructure needed for economic development without forcing taxpayers to assume the risks typically associated with a proactive development model.

Terrell is situated in Kaufman County, the 4th fastest growing county in Texas. In response to new residential and employment growth, the City of Terrell and Kaufman County established the largest rural Tax Increment Financing Reinvestment Zone (TIF) in Texas. The TIF provides a financial vehicle for building much needed public improvements and generates revenue based on net incremental gains over the hundreds of land owners within the TIF.

Additionally, in 2013, the City created an innovative structure unique to the nation – the Power Center. The Power Center is an interlocal agreement between the City of Terrell and Kaufman County that assigns the net value increment from individual properties, of which the net value would have been assigned to the TIF, to be issued to the Power Center Fund to allow developers to be repaid from 100% of the City and County incremental property tax increase of the property.

The first development agreement was finalized in December, 2013, and all occurred because of the Power Center innovation. The results of the Economic Development Program are evident in the current construction along I-20 in Terrell, which includes a new family destination center for shopping, restaurants, and entertainment.

Terrell Mayor Hal Richards commented, “Over the last few years, the City of Terrell has been recognized by Yale, Harvard, Old Dominion University, Texas Department of Transportation, North Central Texas Council of Governments, the Office of the Governor, Entrepreneur Magazine, and others for our innovative partnership programs and excellence in government.”

The Terrell CBD Facade Improvement Program

The Terrell CBD Facade Improvement Program is a revitalization effort designed to enhance the unique identity of Terrell through historic preservation and community involvement, improve the visual and historic appearance of downtown Terrell buildings, encourage increased investment in the CBD, and promote additional commercial activity downtown, in order to create a vibrant thriving Central Business District (CBD). Projects are limited to front facades on Highway U.S. 80 (Moore Ave.) between Hattie and Gardner Streets, south of High Street and north of Cottage Street. As an economic incentive, the Terrell City Council has adopted the following facade improvement program for the historic Central Business District.

Benefits to Owners:

  • Assistance for professional services to help design/engineer façade
    improvements will be available on an as-needed basis.
  • 50% reimbursement (up to $5,000) of construction costs; starting with
    reimbursements after October 1, 2016; 50% reimbursement of
    construction costs up to $5,000 per floor and per building side.
  • Waiver of any/all related city permit fees.
  • Up to three (3) years of reimbursement or abatement of any increase in
    city only ad valorem taxes attributable to the facade improvement.

If you have any application questions, please contact the Municipal Development Department at 972-551-6600 ext. 247

Support for Terrell Police

On Friday, July 8, 2016, Chief Jody L. Lay of the Terrell Police Department, as well as Asst. City Manager Mike Sims receives several items intended to remind police they are supported. The brief event took place in front of the Terrell Police Department at 201 E. Nash Street. A number of business owners from the Downtown Business Owner’s group donated funds to donate several “Back the Blue” items to the department. Chief Lay announced that both items would be temporarily mounted on a wall in the current facility, only to be permanently mounted in the public lobby of the new Terrell Police Headquarters building, located at 1100 N. S.H. 34 in Terrell, which is slated to be occupied by police in November of this year.


Council Begins Process for Strategic Annexation

On Tuesday, September 6, the Terrell City Council approved a resolution to start the process of five separate strategic annexations. These annexations are intended to protect and enhance entryways to the City of Terrell. This concept was included in the Terrell 2015 effort and Council’s approval of this resolution is consistent with the Terrell 2015 program goals. Terrell 2015 was a citizen-led effort of over 100 individuals from throughout Terrell. Citizens analyzed Economic Development issues, City issues, and School District issues; all with the intent of setting and achieving important community goals. Terrell 2015’s recommendations included protecting and enhancing entryways to our community.

The five annexations cover the US Highway 80 corridor north of the Metrocrest Business Park, the State Highway 205 and Griffith Avenue intersection, a portion of FM 429 adjacent to the Terrell Animal Adoption Center, agricultural land west of FM 1392, and city-owned land bordering on State Highway 34 north of the new Terrell Police Headquarters. Each of these annexation areas is prominent, high-profile entrances that set the tone and impression of our community for visitors, businesses, and residents. A total of roughly 1900 acres is proposed for annexation. The annexation process includes mailings to impacted land owners, newspaper advertisements, public hearings, and formal readings on new City Ordinances.

Mayor D.J. Ory stated, “Our citizens, schools, and businesses deserve first class entryways to our first class community. With Terrell growing and booming, the economic opportunity for high quality new development and redevelopment along the major roadways leading to Terrell has never been greater. It is our responsibility to enhance and protect these entryways; doing so will benefit both those currently within the City Limits and those in the newly annexed areas. Being in the City Limits means we can share common development goals and consistent quality standards.”

For more information on annexation contact the City Attorney, Mary Gayle Ramsey at 972 524 1920.