I read an “Ask The Mayor” answer pertaining to swimming pool hours and why the pool is closed on Sundays and the response makes sense. My question is this…

Q. -I read an “Ask The Mayor” answer pertaining to swimming pool hours and why the pool is closed on Sundays and the response makes sense. My question is this: if there is low attendance… why is there low attendance and what can the City of Terrell do to increase attendance.

In my opinion, though there are plenty of parks within and around Terrell and I am sure that when they were designed they were with great intentions… but the parks I have been to are not well maintained. For example, at Ben Gill… every evening I see 20-40 teenagers playing basketball on bent hoop with no net or a shredded one. The fence around it is broken and/or collapsing. These kids are choosing to fill there lives with basketball when they could be somewhere using drugs or worse. I never see these kids fighting. They are just having a good time.

Why can’t the City of Terrell reward good decision making and update the court. Or even add more and increase the lighting. Show them Terrell cares. Why not update the swimming pool to include water slides, a lazy river, and spray grounds like they have at the Waco and Rowlett city pools and attract money from surrounding areas such as Kaufman, Forney, Rockwall, and Wills Point?

There is not much for kids to do here in Terrell. We can’t even kept an mini golf course in business. Why not add a Frisbee golf course? I get the point of shutting down because operating costs are greater than revenue… but that seems like a simple, non-thinking way of solving a problem… a negative feedback system.

Instead, institute a positive feedback system where we think “what can we do and where can we pull funds in order to make this happen and bring money in from neighboring towns and be able to open on Sunday?” Make It Happen. – there is your motivating slogan.

As a consumer, I would much rather spend less money, drive a shorter distance, and ride slides that are maybe not as tall… but still twist/turn and go fast than vice versa. One more idea, I think the pool should offer a van pool that picks up kids at certain locations every hour. I see small kids or young girls walking alone to the pool … we all know this can be dangerous.

If you adjust the prices of admission after adding waterslides and figure how much money the van pool costs per year… you can estimate attendance and calculate the cost for residence and non-residence to effectively cover the burden of gas/repairs/driver salary… etc and offer this service free of charge. Keeping the children of Terrell safe. I am sure some car dealership would like free publicity (and maybe an article in the paper and the ability to write it off) would be more than willing to donate a van in order to help “keep kids safe”.

Terrell has a choice… we can quit on our kids or develop, improve our parks and pool, while providing a safe environment. Make It Happen Terrell.

Answer – Thanks for your inquiry.

The Parks Department is working on an update to the current Parks, Recreation and Open Space Master Plan. This will be our guiding document that will direct our future parks and recreation projects, plans and needs for the next 5-10 years. The Plan should be completed by 2017.



D.J. Ory, Mayor