When is Terrell going to get a real animal shelter?

Q. -When is Terrell going to get a real animal shelter? Not just a house with a carport with very little protection for the animals. Seems like we are getting a lot of duplicate things like Bucee’s and nothing for God’s helpless animals.

Answer – Thanks for your inquiry.

The city of Terrell has made significant improvements regarding care and welfare of stray animals including hiring additional staff, adding dog-run fencing, new kennels and purchase of a mobile adoption van.

The city’s MAXCAP Program establishes policy stating a humane standard of care at the facility must be achieved by intentionally managing daily shelter population.

Additionally, the city has between 5 – 10 active volunteers spending over 50 hours working with the animals in the shelter each month.

As the city continues to grow, facility capacity and care of the animals will be closely monitored.



D.J. Ory, Mayor