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How is the new home development going in Terrell?

Q. – How is the new home development going in Terrell? I see a lot of retail coming, is there planned subdivisions in place? Any coming soon? I love living in Terrell, however as my family grows I would like to have new build options to where I can build and move into a new home and have neighbors and amenities.  Only options right now are Forney and Rockwall.

Answer – Thanks for your inquiry.

The city of Terrell is currently evaluating the location, home styles and price ranges for home builders throughout the city.  A series of public meeting will be conducted in 2018 to determine the best strategy for continued housing growth in this area.  City Council and staff are working very diligently on quality of life as a priority in every development.  We do have a couple of new subdivisions that we are working on and as we go forward we will continue to concentrate our efforts on the quality amenities a subdivision can offer to the citizens.



D.J. Ory, Mayor