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Kaufman County Early Voting

Kaufman County early voting begins Tuesday, February 20 and will end Friday, March 2.  Please click “read more” for voting times and locations.

City of Terrell Seeks Public Input to Address Drainage Problems

TERRELL, Texas — February 14, 2018 —

 The City of Terrell is developing a Drainage Master Plan by evaluating problems that occur during rain events. The plan will identify drainage concerns and provide a prioritized plan for improving drainage conditions within the community.

As part of the process, the City will create an inventory of the existing drainage system and identify projects that can be implemented in the near term. Areas of known problems will be analyzed. The City is evaluating drainage along creeks, other open drainage ways, and the pipe/culvert infrastructure. Once the situations are assessed, the City will identify potential solutions and develop a prioritized capital improvement program.

To develop and adopt an effective plan, the City is seeking input from stakeholders and the public. Share your drainage concerns and get involved: