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Animals in the City limits

I am looking to buy a home in the city limits that is 4 acres and would like to have goats and or horses. Is that allowed in the city limits?

Thanks for your inquiry.

Section 5: Keeping of livestock.

A. It shall be unlawful, subject to the provisions of sections 7 and 8 of this chapter, for any person to keep a cow, horse, donkey, mule, goat, sheep or other livestock on any premises of which the overall fenced grazing area for livestock is less than one acre for the first adult animal and one-third of an acre for each additional livestock kept or to keep more than can be cared for under sanitary conditions so as not to create a public nuisance and in no event exceed the permitted number of adults and their young up to six months of age. When such livestock is kept on unplatted and undeveloped land within the City limits and the number of livestock exceeds seven (7) adult animals, then the maximum number of livestock shall not exceed one adult animal per acre.

B. In addition, it shall be unlawful to construct or maintain any livestock shelters or barns within 200 feet of any adjacent dwelling or public place or within forty-five feet (45′) of any property line or residential structure on site within the City limits.

C. When the number of livestock on any property exceeds seven (7) adult animals, the fenced grazing area for such animals shall not be located closer than 200 feet of any adjacent dwelling or public place or within 100 feet of a residential structure on site.

D. All rules regarding the tethering of animals, as stated in Section 11, paragraphs D through I, of this Ordinance, shall apply to the keeping of livestock.

E. All livestock shall have current vaccinations and health certifications, such as, negative Coggins tests for horses, etc.

F. Barbed wire shall not be used to enclose areas for livestock except on areas larger than three acres in size.

E. Barbed wire is prohibited within 300 feet of any residential district boundary line except Agricultural Districts.

G. Feed Lot operations for livestock production are strictly prohibited within the corporate City limits of Terrell.

H. See Section 13 for exceptions and/or permits.


D.J. Ory, Mayor

Park Master Plan

I see the master plan document and I was wanting to know if that plan is in motion and what steps has the board done to move forward. Also, the approximate date for projects would be nice.
Thank you.

Thank you for reaching out to the City of Terrell regarding an update on the Park Master Plan.  The City of Terrell understands how important it is to the well-being of our citizens to have parks and open space.  In December of 2017, the City Council adopted a newly developed long-term Park Master Plan, to improve the existing parks and open space.  The City of Terrell consultant and staff are working on funding opportunities.

For example, we will be submitting elements of our master plan to the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department.   TXPWD has several grant opportunities that we are now eligible for due to our new Plan.  Also, outside of TXPWD, there are several youth recreations, trail, and downtown park related grants and partnership we can compete for.  This will help reduce the financial burden on the City’s overall budget.

Our goal is to adopt a budget for Fiscal Year 2018-2019 later this summer which will include a more defined plan of which projects will come first.  Of course, we do not plan on rushing into construction without knowing the best way to build and maintain facilities.  Our Park Board and Park Department staff will be instrumental in guiding us through the process of implementing the Plan.

If you have any questions, please contact the City of Terrell Service Center at 972-551-6614.


D.J. Ory, Mayor