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When will Terrell get a new grocery store?

When will Terrell get a new grocery store? Kroger or Tom Thumb? The Walmart is terrible. The produce is usually missing most of the products and what is there is not very appealing. The Brookshires has better produce but a lot of times it has rotten produce. The prices at the Walmart are higher than the prices at Walmart in Mesquite and Garland. Terrell desperately needs a new grocery store. It could go in the new development at 148 and 20.

Thank you for your inquiry.

Please know that as the City works diligently to attract new private development to Terrell, we do meet with a wide variety of retailers including grocery stores. We don’t have an announcement to make at this time and, please keep in mind that this will be a private business decision to open a new store in Terrell. I am confident that our strong growth and positive business climate will help us attract such a new business as development in Terrell continues.


D.J. Ory, Mayor