I am a resident in Terrell, Texas. I am concerned that the taxes increased 435% since last year. Can you give suggestions of how to approach the county in regards to this matter?

A. – Kaufman County does not send any tax information to the city. Tax statements are sent to individual property owners. However, these are the directions from the Kaufman County website regarding how to file a protest:

If you believe there is an error with your appraised value, we encourage you to file your protest.  This can be done either online, by mail or delivered to the drop box at our building’s front entrance. The deadline to file a protest will be on the front of the notice.

We will be opening the online protest system to all properties instead of just homestead properties that the law requires.  You will be able to send and receive information via the online portal once an online protest is filed.  We want to encourage everyone to use our website for information and any forms you might need.  Email contact information is available at [email protected]. We will be available by telephone at 972-932-6081 as well. 

For the foreseeable future we will not be scheduling in-person review board hearings or informal reviews.  Hearings will be by telephone or by affidavit.  Property owner’s affidavit of evidence, Form 50-283, is available on both the State Comptroller and this website under Forms.  Please mark your protest form accordingly.