The Terrell Fire Department was adopted by charter on December 15, 1879, and filed with the Texas Office of the Secretary of State on December 31, 1879, as “TERRELL HOOK AND LADDER COMPANY NO. 1”.

“ALERT” – The name given to Terrell Hook and Ladder Company NO. 1 new hook and ladder wagon purchased in 1894. It was forty-five feet long and carried some eight ladders of different lengths and types, two Bacbcock fire extinguishers, eight buckets, ceiling hooks and other equipment of that era. 

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“Red Beauty” – In 1911, the City Council approved the purchase of a new fire truck ordered from American LaFrance Fire Engine Company. This fire engine was one of the first of its kind in Texas. It had a 75-horsepower engine and could produce two fire streams at a rate of 500 gallons per minute (GPM).  

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