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Building Permits & Inspections

Building Permits

1. All construction, alterations, remodeling, enlargements, improvements, conversions, leveling, moving or demolition of any structure or building in the city limits requires a building permit. Cosmetic improvements such as painting, installing flooring materials, cabinets, counter tops or other small maintenance repairs usually do not require permits unless State Law requires a licensed professional tradesman to perform the work. Also permits are required for new fences, grading or clearing of vacant land, signs, swimming pools over 24” deep or more than 5,000 gallons, re-roofing a building, plumbing, electrical work, air conditioning and for storage buildings exceeding 120 square feet in size.

2. All contractors, subcontractors, plumbing contractors, electrical contractors, irrigation contractors, back-flow testers and mechanical contractors are required to register with the City of Terrell by submitting a completed application, photo identification, current trade license, current fees and a provide a contractors bond valid in the City of Terrell.

3. Two (2) complete sets of construction plans, three (3) sets for large commercial projects, shall be turned in for review including approved site plan or construction plat, if applicable, foundation, framing, façade plan (elevations), floor plan, landscaping, irrigation, mechanical, electrical plans, fire sprinkler plans and other plans as required. Please allow ten (10) days for residential and fifteen (15) days for commercial plan review unless otherwise notified. Any project that exceeds $50,000 in valuation or as required by the State of Texas will require registration with the Texas Department of Licensing and Registration (TDLR). Fee schedule ordinance: click here.

4. Each licensed trade must sign in on the general contractor’s building permit or pull their own permit. The owner or general contractor may or may not pay for all of the permit fees for each trade by agreement, but each trade must have a master licensed person sign off on the permit or be authorized by the city to pull permits. The permits and construction plans must be kept on site until all work is complete.

5. All permits are valid for six (6) months. Extensions for ninety (90) days at a time can be obtained if work is in progress.

6. All new construction must comply with the International Building Codes and the National Electrical Code as adopted.

7. Commercial projects over 5,000 sq. ft. must have an Engineer’s/architects seal on ALL sheets (foundation plan, framing plan, floor plan, electrical, plumbing and mechanical (HVAC) plan). Spans over 25 feet must have an engineer’s seal on the framing plan.

8. Educational, institutional or assembly occupancies must have an architect’s or engineer’s seal regardless of size.

9. All structures over 5,000 sq. ft. typically must have an approved sprinkler system with a fire department connection (FDC) on the exterior of the building within 100 feet of a fire hydrant.

10. All projects that are required to meet the State Accessibility Standards will be required to submit the EABPJR registration number prior to receiving a building permit. The applicant is responsible for any State ADA inspection fees.

11. Each contractor or person performing any work is responsible for scheduling all required inspections at least one (1) day in advance in order to prevent work delays.

12. If work proceeds without the required permits or inspections a stop work order will be issued and the work requiring the inspection will be required to be exposed at the owner/contractor’s expense and a double permit/inspection fee will be assessed.


If you need an inspection either from the Building Inspector or Fire Marshall please call:

The Inspection Hotline at: 972-551-6654
(Please leave your name, phone number, the job address and
the type of inspection you are requesting)

Press 1 – For Building Inspections
Press 2 – For Fire Marshall Inspections
Press 3 – Code Enforcement