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Fire Chief

The City of Terrell is accepting resumes for the position of Fire Chief until June 22, 2018.

Terrell: Gaining Unprecedented Momentum as a High Growth Region

Housing restoration, preservation, in-fill residential housing construction, newly-platted housing developments and commercial and retail development is surging in Terrell. The city’s Municipal Development Department is seeing valuation increases that demonstrate clear evidence of sustained development. For example, the department has seen an increase in permitting activity related to renovations in existing housing stock and structural repairs. The department also is working closely with developers of the Creekside Addition, bound by Poetry Road, Terrell High School, Long Elementary School and Arlie White Park. City Council approved a Residential Partnership Development Agreement on November 8, 2017; and city staff is currently reviewing the first phase. Additionally, Calvary Oaks housing development, which has been dormant for the last several years, now has record construction near West End Street in the Southwest area of town. Camden Homes, a developer in Town North Estates, is nearing completion of their build-out of three and four-bedroom brick homes within walking distance of Terrell High School.

“I am seeing the value of the City Council Comprehensive City Planning Efforts all coming together to strengthen core city neighborhoods and grow the local Terrell economy,” said Terrell Mayor D. J. Ory. “City planning efforts are driving the local economic growth.” ~Terrell Tribune~

2017 Terrell PD Awards Announced

2017 Civilian of the Year, Jill Baltz and 2017 Officer of the Year James Melton pictured with Mayor D.J. Ory, City Manager Torry Edwards, and Police Chief Ken McKeown

Unit of the Year was awarded to the Terrell Police Department Narcotics Unit.

Kaufman County Early Voting

Kaufman County early voting begins Tuesday, February 20 and will end Friday, March 2.  Please click “read more” for voting times and locations.

City of Terrell Seeks Public Input to Address Drainage Problems

TERRELL, Texas — February 14, 2018 — The City of Terrell is developing a Drainage Master Plan by evaluating problems that occur during rain events. The plan will identify drainage concerns and provide a prioritized plan for improving drainage conditions within the community.

As part of the process, the City will create an inventory of the existing drainage system and identify projects that can be implemented in the near term. Areas of known problems will be analyzed. The City is evaluating drainage along creeks, other open drainage ways, and the pipe/culvert infrastructure. Once the situations are assessed, the City will identify potential solutions and develop a prioritized capital improvement program.

To develop and adopt an effective plan, the City is seeking input from stakeholders and the public. Share your drainage concerns and get involved:


Ken McKeown, who has served as Interim Police Chief since May, has been named to the position permanently.

McKeown spent more than two decades working through the ranks of the Terrell Police Department. He has 24 years of law enforcement experience and holds a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Maryland.

McKeown states that the City’s greatest challenge will be preparing for substantial growth in commercial, retail, and residential development over the next ten years and that the mission of the Terrell Police Department will be to keep Terrell a safe place to live and work through strong partnerships with the community.

Knox Box Rapid Entry Systems

Trusted by thousands of fire and law enforcement agencies for over 40 years, Knox Rapid Access Solutions has provided first responders with immediate access into secure buildings, campuses, residences and commercial properties when it matters most. Removing barriers to entry reduces injuries to responders and minimizes property damage.
These secure key boxes for businesses and some homes are gaining in popularity in communities across the nation and the City of Terrell is no exception.
The Knox Box is a secure, metal box that is installed on the outside of a business or residence that can only be opened by firefighters responding to a call at that location.
All City of Terrell fire trucks is equipped with a master key that opens these boxes.  This means that when the Fire Department responds to an alarm or a medical call if the Knox Box is present, it is not necessary for the first responders to have to wait for a ‘key holder’ to grant access.
In cases of fire, first responders can gain entry into the structure without breaking windows or doors, which helps contain the fire in some cases and can results in less property damage, virtually removing property damage in the case of a false alarm.
In addition to keys, other items can be stored inside the Knox Box (depending on the model), such as floor plans, access cards, directions, warnings of hazardous materials on the premises and other information.
The boxes are purchased by the property owner and keyed to a single master key controlled by the City of Terrell Fire Department.
For more information, please contact Dustin Conner with the Terrell Fire Department (dconner@cityofterrell.org or (214) 734-2156.