Target Vitality

Building a Better Community One Block at a Time

Target Vitality is a partnership of local citizens, non-profits, churches, and city leaders formed to focus on making the City of Terrell a better place to live – one neighborhood at a time. They are working together to lay the groundwork for a program that combines the resources of the community into one powerful coalition for positive change.

Map of Target Vitality Neighborhood

An inventory of the homes selected for phase one of the program shows the following items are needed to meet basic health and safety standards:

Note: *Priorities are marked with an asterisk
** Critical safety issues marked with a double asterisk

In addition to materials, we need basic tools.


**Loose ground wire
**GFCI in Kitchen/bathroom
**Smoke detectors
**Water heater up to code
*Roof repair (1,000 sq. ft. approximate)
*100′ siding board repair (25 sheets)
*Termite treatment
*Light fixtures
*Paint exterior
*No central heat or air
Foundation repair


Space heaters
**Master bath shower surround
**6 GFCI plugs
**3 bundles of shingles caulk penetrations
**3’ x 5’ window
**Need electrician to evaluate panel
*Upgrade HVAC system to code
*150’ fascia boards
*Siding – 2 each 4’x8’ panels
*Counter tops
*bath vents
*Patch/repair sheet rock

Foundation stabilization (North wall bowing out)


**Install smoke detectors
**Repair/replace ceiling fan
**Install lavatory in bathroom
**Kitchen – electrical
**Sink – replace faucets
*4 x 8 sheets exterior siding 20 sheets
*30’ studs & insulation 1 x 4 x 16 18 pieces
*Re-roof w/ 10 -12 sheets OSB roof deck
*Repair ceiling in laundry room
*Water damage in ceiling in living room
*Paint throughout interior
*Loose tiles on tub – base board rotten
*Toilet seat
*Bedroom – patch cracks
*Utility room – peeling paint
*Inadequate A/C
Replace all windows and trim
3’ x 5’ 6 each
6’ x 6’ show window
4’ x 5’ 1 each
2’ x 3’ 1 each
3’ x 3’ 2 each
Foundation repair

Workdays have been set for the first Saturday of the month starting at 9 a.m. Volunteers will meet at the Kennedy Elementary School parking lot.

Target Vitality Committee meetings are the first Tuesday of the month at 1:30 p.m. at City Hall Council Chambers. Everyone is invited to attend the workdays and committee meetings.

Cash donations are needed to purchase critically important items not donated.
Reverend Rollerson

Tools & Materials
From ladders and paint equipment to power tools and lawn care – items are needed. Contact: Municipal Development Director

Anyone is welcome to assist with the program.
Lee Holbert