Housing Choice Voucher (HCV) Program

Housing Choice Voucher Program

Terrell Housing Department has the capacity to issue 458 Section 8 Vouchers, also known as Housing Choice Vouchers. Families in the HCV program have the choice and responsibility to select their own housing location within the corporate city limits of Terrell, Texas and with a landlord willing to accept the voucher.  HCV participants pay between 30-40 percent of their monthly household income toward rent. The voucher covers the rest of the rent and sends the payment directly to the landlord. The HCV waitlist is currently closed.


Am I Eligible To Apply?
  • Our waiting list is anticipating opening up soon. An exact date has not been determined yet. The anticipated date for reopening the waitlist may change. We will keep information on the waitlist status updated here. When the waitlist reopens, the online application will be available at https://www.waitlistcheck.com/TX3044
  • To be eligible to apply, you must be an adult or an emancipated minor, and you must not be currently receiving assistance through the HCV voucher program. Please note if you owe a debt to Terrell Housing Department or any other public housing agency, you can still apply. However, that debt must be paid in full before you can be eligible to receive HCV assistance.
  • If you are unsure, you can still apply. Terrell Housing Department will review all applications to determine if you are eligible.
Am I Eligible For Housing Assistance?

Eligibility will not be determined at the time you apply. Rather, eligibility will be determined in the order you are called from the waitlist for an eligibility interview. In the eligibility interview, that determination will be made. Terrell Housing Department will review the following eligibility categories to determine if you qualify:

  • Does the makeup of the family meet the definition of family used by Terrell Housing Department?
  • Is the total gross income below the income limits for the program at the time?
  • Does the family meet the criteria regarding citizenship or eligible immigration status?
  • Has the family disclosed all social security numbers and signed all required consent forms?
  • Have all adult household members passed the criminal background check?
  • Are any adult household members on the registered sex offenders list?
  • Does the family owe any debt to Terrell Housing Department or any other federally assisted housing program?
  • Has the family been evicted from federally assisted housing within the
    past 5 years?
What Are Preferences?
  • Once families are placed onto the Waiting List, applicable preferences are applied. A preference moves the family ahead of all other families that do not have preferences. Preferences are given to the elderly, disabled, and families with children.
  • To be designated as an elderly family, the head, co-head or spouse of the household must be 62 years of age or older.
  • To be designated as a disable/handicap family, the head, co-head or spouse of the household must be disabled. Verification of disability benefits or verification of disability from a medical professional is required to grant this preference.
  • A local preference is given to families involuntarily displaced as a result of natural disaster or government actions within the last six months. Certification from a unit of government concerning displacement due to natural disaster or certification from a unit of government concerning displacement due to code enforcement or public improvement/development or displacement by inaccessibility of a unit is required to grant this preference.
  • Verification of most preferences will be reviewed at the time of your screening interview. However, if involuntary displacement preference is selected, you will be required to submit verification documents within a certain time frame. If your preference documentation is not approved your name will be placed back on the waiting list without preference.
What Are the Current Income Limits?
HCV (Section 8)
Maximum Household income for each family size
Family Size0102030405060708
How Do I Update My Information?

If you are on our waiting list for the HCV program, you must keep all your information up to date. For your convenience, you may create an applicant portal account at. In the applicant portal, you can:

  • Check what number you are on the waiting list;
  • Update your mailing address;
  • Update your email address and phone numbers;
  • Update income information; and
  • Add and remove family members from your current application.

The applicant Portal is an easy and convenient way to make updates to your housing application without having to make a trip to our office. Or you may visit our office during business hours and submit an Update Form in order to report application changes. The head of household is the only person allowed to submit an Update Form and a photo ID will be required for this option. When your name reaches the top of the waiting list, Terrell Housing Department will send a letter inviting your family to an eligibility interview. Terrell Housing Department will use the most current address listed on your application. Failure to keep a current mailing address could result in missing your interview and having your application withdrawn.

Do I Need an Email Address to Apply Online?

No. You do not need an email address to complete an application. However, you are strongly encouraged to have an email address and to list it on your application. The benefits to providing an email address include:

If you are eligible to be placed on the waiting list, you will need an email address to access the Applicant portal. Through the applicant portal you can obtain information about your wait list position, update your contact information, family composition and more. If you provide an email address, Terrell Housing Department can send out reminders about what you will need for your eligibility
interview and how to keep your application current.

It is strongly recommended that you create an email account if you do not have one. This can be done through Gmail, Yahoo, Microsoft, and a few other email account servers. An email can be created with no cost to the creator.