Our Philosophy

Professional and responsible aggressive law enforcement is a philosophy that promotes a proactive approach to reducing crime and enhancing public safety. This aggressive stance against crime carries with it the responsibility to safeguard individual rights and liberties upon which our country was founded while utilizing all lawful means available to carry out our core mission – reducing crime, improving the quality of life and working with our citizens to make our community safe.

Statement of Quality

The Terrell Police Department is an organization comprised of people of integrity, committed to providing total quality police service to its community in a responsible aggressive manner.

We will forge a partnership with the community based on mutual trust, confidence, commitment and communication to maintain and improve the quality of life and promote the safety and welfare of our citizens.

The Terrell Police Department exists to meet the City’s objectives for the safety and well-being of its residents. In the continuing pursuit of quality, we are guided by the following core values:

Core Values

In service to our community, we are driven by the following core professional values:

  • Respect: We value human life, safety, and dignity, and commit to treating all human beings with the utmost respect, compassion, and concern.
  • Integrity: We value ethical conduct – and are driven by our professional values and a firm commitment to public trust – which we are unwilling to compromise on the performance of our duty.
  • Professionalism: By our conduct, goals, intent, character, and standards we shall vigilantly seek to constantly improve our ability to safeguard citizen rights, preserve peace, protect life, and instill a deep respect for the law.
  • Diversity: We value diversity, and commit to nurturing a welcoming environment of inclusion, in which we recognize the unique skills, knowledge, abilities, and backgrounds of all people as our strength.
  • Collaboration: We value teamwork and commit to cooperative goal achievement through active collaboration and partnerships with the community and with one another.
  • Problem Solving: We value partnering with citizens to identify and impact the causes of problems within the community that contribute to the incidence of crime.

Want to be a Part of our Team?

We are seeking people dedicated to serving the citizens of Terrell to join our team. If you are a person of integrity, dedicated to service, and want a rewarding career in law enforcement we may have a place for you. If you would like information on how to join our team, contact the City of Terrell Personnel Department at 469-474-2700 or click here.




  • $50,065.60


  • $52,686.40 (Starting)

For posted job vacancies, the department will review all referred applications and select the applicants to be interviewed and processed. The interviewing department will call candidates to schedule interviews and select the applicant(s) to be considered and hired. Because of the volume of applications and the time required to review and process each application, you will not be called or contacted unless you are selected for an interview or otherwise continue in the hiring process.