Rental Regulations

Ben Gill Pool Rental Rules and Regulations

All pool rentals are subject to the following rules and regulations.

Failure to adhere to these rules and regulations will result in the forfeiture of deposit and/or suspension of reservation privileges for one year. The pool facilities are under the jurisdiction of the City of Terrell and may be reserved on a space available basis by Terrell residents, businesses, churches, and organizations.

1. Full deposit and rental fees must be paid to complete the reservation.

2. Reservations will be accepted from adults only, 18 years and older.

3. Alcoholic Beverages in any form are prohibited in Ben Gill Park.

4. Vehicles will be restricted to designated parking areas. Service vehicles will be allowed to use the designated loading and unloading zone.

5. Responsibility for damage to or maintenance of facilities resulting from usage beyond normal usual wear will be assumed by the individual, group, or organization reserving the pool facility.

6. The individual, group, or organization is responsible for returning the facility to its original condition following its use in order for deposit to be reimbursed. Such determination to be made by the City of Terrell.

7. All paper and waste shall be deposited in proper receptacles in order to keep facilities clean and neat.

8. The individual, group, or organization will abide by all rules and regulations, set forth by the City of Terrell, both written and verbal, and will not hold the City of Terrell liable for any injury sustained while using the facility.

9. If canceling a reservation, the individual whose signature appears on the Pool Reservation Application must notify the Pool Manager at least 72 hours in advance for a full refund.

10. The person whose signature appears on the Pool Reservation Application is fully responsible for all participants using the facility.

11. User must have a copy of the approved Pool Reservation Application during rental, to verify reservation in case of conflict.

12. At least two lifeguards will be on duty for all rentals.

13. Any person is subject to removal for violation of pool rules.

14. Floats or toys will be allowed for small groups, but are subject to removal by lifeguards if they pose a hazard.

15. No glass containers of any kind are allowed.

16. Food, beverage and tables may be brought in.

17. Fundraising and/or charging admission are prohibited.