Tree Planting Program

Making A Lasting Contribution…

The Terrell Parks Department, in its desire to enhance public property and encourage an aesthetically pleasing environment, has established a tree donation program.

This program enables citizens to have a tree planted and maintained by the City of Terrell within public right-of-ways, parks or other City controlled areas to celebrate a special occasion such as a wedding, anniversary or birthday. Trees can also be planted as a memorial for a friend or family member. A commemorative plaque can be installed with the original planting.

Print the online application form or contact the City of Terrell Public Works Department at 972-551-6614. Donations made to the City of Terrell are tax deductible.


1. The city and the donor must mutually agree on the proposed location. Factors such as vehicular and pedestrian traffic, underground and above ground utilities, property lines, availability of water, and other factors shall be considered.

2. Any tree planted shall be listed on the current Master Tree List. This list shall be developed based on native species, long-term maintenance, degree of hardiness, growth rate, as well as other considerations.

3. All trees will be purchased, installed and maintained by the city through the Parks Department. This includes the original planting, replacement if necessary, pruning, pest and fungus control, removal, storm damage repairs, staking, etc.

4. The seasonal planting of new or replacement trees shall occur from November through February, weather permitting.

5. A commemorative plaque, if desired, can be installed with the original planting. The plaque shall be made of granite, approximately 10″x12″, with a maximum of three (3) lines of text or numbers and a maximum of twelve (12) letters or numbers per line. The plaque will be installed at ground level.

6. Regarding deciduous versus evergreens, because of dense bushy growth in many cases, and the resultant shading problems in the winter months, the use of evergreen trees is limited to carefully chosen sites and only where the above-mentioned problems can be minimized.

Initial Size
Cost to Donor
Small Trees – up to 20 feet tall
Crape Myrtle20 gal (8-10′)
Yaupon Holly20 gal (6-8′)
Flowering Crabapple20 gal (1 1/2-1 3/4″)
Oklahoma Redbud20 gal (1 3/4″)
Medium Trees – 20-50 feet tall
Chinese Pistache45 gal (3-4″)
Bradford Pear45 gal (3-4″)
Texas Red Oak45 gal (3-4″)
Pin (Water) Oak45 gal (3-4″)
Large Trees – 50 feet and up
Bald Cypress45 gal (3-4″)
Bur Oak45 gal (3-4″)
Chinquapin Oak45 gal (3-4″)
Shumard Oak45 gal (3-4″)
Southern Live Oak45 gal (3-4″)

Commemorative Tree Planting Program Application (word format