Maintenance and Repair

Former 9th Street Water Tower

Report a Repair

  • Call 972-551-6614 Monday ā€“ Friday 8 am – 5 pm.
  • After hours, call 469-474-2700.

Be ready to give the exact location of the problem (street address or nearest intersection).

Please note: Water main breaks or heavy water usage required to fight a fire may occasionally discolor your water. The cloudiness or discoloration is caused by sediment dislodged by sudden pressure changes in the water system. The water will clear up as these sediments are flushed from the system. This water is safe to drink. (You may want to postpone doing your laundry until the water clears to avoid staining clothes.)

Types of Repairs to Report:


  • Water Mains
    Meter Leaks
    New Water Tap Installation
    Service Connections & Disconnections
    Fire Hydrants

Sewer Mains:

  • New Sewer Tap Installation
    Sewer Stoppage/Blockage
    Sewer Overflows